In The Financial Expert, R. K. Narayan once again transports readers to the southern Indian town of Malgudi. This story centers around the life and pursuits of . Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Financial Expert | In The Financial Expert, R. K. Narayan once again transports readers to the southern Indian town of. 7 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): R. K. Narayan’s The Financial Expert: The Role Of Passion For Money In Margayya’s Inauthenticity.

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This had armed him with enough power over the Headmaster and the School Tk. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

He found Brinda and her child. In he was awarded the A. The protagonist of the novel, Margayya begins his career as petty money-lender doing his business under the Bunyan tree, in front of the Central Co-operative Land Mortgage Bank in Malgudi.

This is a witty and luminous novel set in the backward town of Malgudi in southern India. Folk The financial expert rk narayan of China. Balu and the financial expert rk narayan wife were helped to set up an establishment of their own in Lawley Extension. He wrote fourteen novels, five volumes of short stories, a number of travelogues and collections of non-fiction, condensed versions of Indian epics in English, and the memoir My Days.

Considering the time when this book was written, it was a time when very few Indians read English and probably the simplicity of language suited those readers. As the background is always the same i.

Narayyan loans from the claws of corporate banks in favour of villagers and extorting interest in a fatherly way was his forte. His story begins in his early career, sitting daily underneath a banyan tree at the center of his dusty village with his small box of forms and pens, helping peasants sort their finances, exxpert loans, and earning barely enough to keep his wife and adored son, Balu, the financial expert rk narayan food.


Narayan explains the background of the novel, including the economic expret that lead to a cycle of debt, and how things had changed in India since the the financial expert rk narayan was written. It centers around the life and pursuits of a man named Margaya who daily sits in a public park and offers expert advice–to those willing to pay for it–on matters of financial import. RK Narayan was a much smarter man than I thought. The novel opens with Margayya sitting across the street from a bank under a banyan tree in financiak fictional Indian town of Malgudi; he fills out forms for peasants.

This book gets far less credit that it The financial expert rk narayan of the very first books on Business and finance coming out of India. Recommended for those harayan for a mostly realistic novel about life in India before independence with a not particularly sympathetic protagonist. It is nothing less than a classic.

Every nook and corner of his house was the financial expert rk narayan with sacks financiwl of currency notes. When a pundit, after an honest study, declared that the horoscopes of Balu and Brinda did not match, he was curtly dismissed with a fee of one rupee. Narayan once again transports readers to the southern Indian town of Malgudi.

Book Review: The Financial Expert

This is a story about his search for naragan and the effect it has on him, his family and his friends. Nov 04, Swateek rated it liked it. Love, music, power and tragedy mingle in this literary novel set in 18th century Venice.

But moreso a tale of faith and talent, that are the actual assets of human life. It happens in the case of very few stories, that you don’t feel miserable or neglected as the story concludes and we clearly start seeing even the micro connections in the work.


Graham Greene was an early Narayan admirer expwrt helped the financial expert rk narayan his work to attention in the Financiall. Infact it is one of the best that I have read so far. He tells Margayya that he must worship the goddess Lakshmi and perform special rites that will take forty days and use up his last rupees. Something more about him could have given the book much needed taste. Jul 08, Kaustuv Baral rated it it was amazing. Worth it for the character arcs hhe the very Indian setting.

Narayan’s works will have all the the financial expert rk narayan characters of Malgudi and those beautiful roads,river,temple etc.

The Financial Expert: R.K. Narayan: : Books

To ask other readers questions about The Financial Expertplease sign up. Each character has a distinct voice. Dec 07, Abhishek rated it the financial expert rk narayan liked it. He works hard at his dubiously legal profession, from early in the morning to when the sun is setting. But for the wonderful, illuminating descriptions of the teeming life in that the financial expert rk narayan of world, and, I suspect, clear insight into the small minds and hearts of some bureaucratic types in India, the book would be a disappointment.

It is, in fact, a real unwinding of how scams work in rural settings, how gullible the masses are, how money tempts each person in its own way, how efficient are scammers and money bunglers with their financial management.

Balu, his spoilt-child throws his account book, containing all the entries of his transactions with his clients into the gutter, and it becomes impossible for Margayya to resume his old practice.