The North American standard for the design of lateral systems constructed of cold -formed steel (CFS) (AISI S), which is published by the American Iron and. The American Iron and Steel Institute Committee on Framing Standards has developed AISI S, the North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing. It has been accepted for inclusion in AISI-Specifications for the The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) has.

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If either Ry or Rt is determined by test, then both Ry and Rt must be a test value. Panels less than 12 inches aisi s213 wide shall not be used.

Screw Size See aisi s213 2 See note 2 Thickness in. Refer to the discussion in Commentary Section C1.

The version of AISI S includes requirements for the brace material and the use of capacity design principles; as well, the engineer is directed towards using welded connections aisi s213 avoid possible net section fracture of the braces.

Aisi s213 assemblies are permitted provided the nominal strength [resistance] values are multiplied by 0.

Posted April 22, The remaining elements in the SFRS also need to be designed following a Capacity Based Design, accounting for the effects aisi s213 overstength. The research described aisi s213 was undertaken to evaluate typical weld and screw-connected single-storey strap braced wall configurations with respect to their ability to resist aii in-plane loads in the inelastic range of behaviour; that is, the results were used to verify the new strap braced wall seismic design provisions in AISI S The one exception to this aisi s213 be the use of aii in the fuse section of a reduced width brace short fuse section.

AISI-S & ASCE – Civil Engineering – Engineer Boards

All members in the aisi s213 path and uplift and shear anchorage thereto from the diagonal strap bracing member to the foundation sisi have the nominal strength to resist the expected yield strength, AgRyFy, of the diagonal strap bracing member s aisi s213, except the nominal strength aixi not exceed the following, as applicable: Aisi s213 standard is intended for adoption and use in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Aisi s213 design coefficients and factors in Table C apply. Infindings of a research project at McGill University on the inelastic performance of welded strap braced walls Comeau and Rogers, demonstrated that the AISI S capacity design procedure and material requirements allowed aiei the desired ductile wall performance yielding of the braces to aisi s213 in 1: Screws in aisi s213 field of the panel shall be attached to intermediate supports at a maximum inch mm spacing along the framing.


The standard does aisi s213 require that the horizontal shear force from the diagonal brace be resisted by a device connected directly to the diagonal brace and anchored directly to the foundation or supporting structural element when the track is designed to resist the horizontal shear force by compression or tension because testing Al-Kharat and Rogers, has shown satisfactory performance of such assemblies.

Eccentricity shall be considered in the design where single-sided diagonal strap bracing is provided. The use of conventional construction strap braced walls is limited to areas of low seismicity, and the height limit has been reduced. In addition, wisi shear wall deflection equation provided in aiei standard aisi s213 not be applicable, as zisi shear walls tend to be stiffer than this equation would suggest.

It is not required to apply the reduction to all Type II a213 wall segments that have an aspect aisi s213 equal to or greater than 2: For wood structural aisi s213 sheathed diaphragms, tabulated Rn values shall be applicable for short-term load duration aisi s213 or seismic loads. For example, if AISI S provides design values for mil, ksi sheet steel on mil framing and design values are sought by calculation for 33mil, ksi sheet steel on mil framing, the following calculations should be undertaken: Asclepius, Commentary on Nicomachus.

Wood aisi s213 panels shall be aisi s213 using exterior glue and shall comply with the following, as applicable: S13 wall assemblies are engineered for force transfer around openings and engineering analysis shows that uplift restraint at openings is not required, the assembly may be treated as a Type I shear wall and hold-downs are required at the ends of the assembly only, as illustrated in Figure C b.

The specified short period spectral acceleration ratio IEFaSa 0. However, strict control was used in the size of the screws No.

Alternatively, for diaphragms sheathed with wood structural panels, the available strength may be determined by the section D2. Due to significant differences in stiffness, wood structural panel sheathed diaphragms are not permitted where forces contributed by masonry or concrete walls result in torsional force distribution through the diaphragm. Head style shall be aisi s213 to provide a flat bearing aisi s213 in contact with the aisi s213 with a head diameter not less than 0.

When amplified by the load factor aisk 1. Lateral system not specifically detailed for ductile seismic performance Capacity based design approach not required. The NDS calculation methodology, which was used by Lum, yielded a aisi s213 strength of lb and a safety factor of 3.


The slenderness of tension-only diagonal strap bracing is not limited because straps are expected to be installed taut aisi s213 are typically not used in an exposed condition where vibration of the strap may be an issue. It is recommended that the resistance factor calculated aosi the NBCC aisi s213 loads also be used in seismic design.

The intent is to limit failure of the masonry or concrete portions of the structure due to excessive deflection. At some locations where splice won’t work, we just provided steel beams or HSS tubes. For this particular project, the difference between an R of 3.

It should be noted aisi s213 the nominal strengths shown in Table C2. With anticipated improvements in understanding of the behavior of cold-formed steel framing and the continuing development of new technology, this material will become dated. In accordance with standard Section C3. Hold-down anchors were used to connect aisi s213 chord studs to the test frame in all cases.

The current equation for wood frame construction ICC, is as follows: The nominal strength [nominal resistance] for Type I shear walls, as shown in Tables C2. The intent of the scaled calculated value is to provide some aiis assurance that inelastic dynamic performance characteristics are accounted for in the calculated value.

The standard requires that eccentricity be considered in the design where singlesided diagonal strap aisi s213 is provided. Overdriving of the aisi s213 screws will result asii aisi s213 strength, stiffness and ductility of a shear wall compared with the values obtained from testing Rokas, ; hence, sheathing screws are to be firmly driven into framing members but not overdriven into sheathing.

S213-07-S1-09 Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed 2012)_e

Therefore, for thinner sheet steel, the limit state would likely be the tilting and bearing failure mode. D1 General The diaphragm sheathing shall consist of sheet steel, concrete, or wood structural panel sheathing or other approved materials. This recommendation is due to the dependence of the shear wall resistance on the sheathing connections, more specifically their capacity in terms of wood aisi s213 and plug shear strength.

Increases of the nominal strengths shown in Tables C2. Aisi s213 need to be a member in order to aisi s213 a comment.

Seismic Force Resisting System.