A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics, and gurus, some of whom he found convincing, others. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 6 Mar A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics and gurus, some of whom he found.

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In short, he confessed to me that he was making researches into the super- natural side of things. The white man will, in most cases, possess but an imperfect acquaintance with the Yogis, if he knows them at all, and certainly not with the best of them.

A curling lock strays over his forehead. The guru has the humility to say that he cannot teach Brunton anything, but instead can only show him some things that he learned on his own journey. The last couple chapters describe his time under the Maharishee’s tutelage as well as under one of the guru’s most advanced students.

It is easy to one who has reached my divine state.

Paul Brunton

Views Read Edit View history. The soul of the country is deathless and great, even if outwardly the nation has lost its power. Search the product to add. The most sacred part of India is the most secret.

These individuals appear to have impressive otherworldly skills, but skills that he can neither reconcile with known scientific understanding nor uncover as hoaxes despite his best skeptical inquiry. Now you quote the classical authors who first mention this idea of searh continual rebirth upon this earth.

A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA – PAUL BRUNTON Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

I ruminate upon the matter for the rest of the day. He describes in detail the Yogis dedicated to spiritual growth and gives brief reviews of those focused on magic and egotism.


They are exceedingly rare, are fond of hiding their true attain- ment from the public, and prefer to pose as ignoramuses.

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I have experienced Arunachala before reading this book secrett so I was inclined to read this. Somewhere along the book, I got lost in the narrative and slowed down because there was a creative lull but it picked up pace towards the end; though I really wish the author had more to write about the time he spent in Arunachala. Did laul the greatest intellects of antiquity live in the area which embraced Athens and Alexandria?

The manner in which the Yogis kept their knowledge so esoteric may appear selfish to us in these democratic days, but it helps to account for their gradual disappearance from visible history. Sep 29, Joli rated it it was amazing.

And it was a jungle sage, an unassuming hermit who had formerly lived for six years in pal mountain cave, who promoted this vital change in my thinking. In the end he had to bid a final farewell to his college, because he could no longer follow his lessons. I know my own experience and what I have searc with my own eyes. Two large lamps, as in greeting, are held out by iron brackets. All these prophets came from God.

Perhaps the white-robed figure squatting in front of me grasps my difficulty, for he adds: He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings.

But suddenly all questions melted, as I felt an onrush of peace and x. Some inexplicable current of thought brings it repeatedly before him.

I adjourn to one of the stone structures. Those who close their minds to the entrance of all Eastern ideas, close them also to fine thoughts, deep truths and worth-while psychological knowledge. A marvellous book, taking us by the hand pajl an India which had all sorts of contradictions, but also the best and more excellent Human Beings expressing the Wisdom of Perenial Philosophy. Oct 20, Lohit Namboodiri rated it really liked it. Not so; he desired to help the souls of ordinary people by thus catching their faith.


You see what important things we know here! Our train arrives at Ahmednagar next morning, after travel- ling through secrett night. The East, before my first visit, threw out vast tentacles that gripped my soul; ultimately they drew me to study the sacred books of Asia, the learned commen- taries of her pundits and the inscribed thoughts sezrch her sages, so far as Searcg translations could be procured.

I have a divine work to do and I will do it. It is more like a diary and the writer’s experience is recorded vividly through his own words.

Read this book mentioned in a telugu biography of ramana maharshi. Many Indians told me they discovered their country’s spiritual dimension from this very book. Often these were penned on the backs of envelopes or along margins brnton newspapers as he strolled amid the flower gardens bordering Lac Leman. The stranger is an Indian.

BOOK REVIEW: A Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton | the !n(tro)verted yogi

After completing his ni, it seems the book is set to draw to an end. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Synchronicity, science, and soul-making. Genesis of a Quest, Chapter 3: I shall travel widely throughout the world and the nations laul be eager to see me. Yet they, too, are called Yogis. Books – Category Description. I’ll write about them as I read them. His story became a tale of high spiritual adventure.

If you are lost this is one of the books I would recommend.